Remote Workplace

Remote Workplace

Most of us work from home at least partially now. Many of us full time.

While our last event covered aspects of how to look after your mental health when you’re working remotely, this event will take a look at your physical health.

Do you have a desk and a suitable office chair? Do you have an external screen and maybe an external camera? Are you working from your kitchen table or from your couch in the living room? How do you handle the corporate background requirements? Can you close the door when your kids come home from school?

And how does your employer know whether your posture is correct and that you get up regularly and move as well as take a break for your eyes? Is a professional desk assessment required? And are companies even keeping up with regulations while being busy to offer ‘remote work as a benefit’?

This whole topic is still a very new one, and we think that many companies may not consider some of the above questions. Maybe you as an employer or employee have not considered them yet either.

Whatever the answer, we want to hear your opinion.

What to expect:

  • get some insights from our expert speaker (name to be announced soon)
  • the chance to exchange your experience and tips about setting up a remote workplace
  • open discussion
  • Christmas market

Stündlicher Zeitplan

18:00 - 18:30
18:30 - 19:30
Setting the scene
from - 19:30
Christmas market networking
Once again hosted by Deel at their Berlin offices, we look forward to welcoming some familiar and also new faces for our in-person event. This time with a Christmassy feel.


Dez 07 2022


18:00 - 20:30

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Deel Offices - Inner Courtyard
Hamburger Straße 17, 10115 Berlin


Daniel Zinner
Daniel Zinner

Associate Partner at Clevis


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